Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Maria goes over 50,000 miles!

Temperatures from mid 50s to mid 40s, sunny.

Due to family medical issues, I ended up working from home part of the day today. It was a beautiful riding day however so once things were stable at home and what work could be done, was done; I headed out for a good long ride (about 110 miles) to clear my head.

I headed out towards Parker by way of the county roads. I got to Parker by way of Hess Road and headed south towards Stroh Road and thence to the Crowfoot Parkway. Soon I was in Castle Rock wending my way over to Mooseberger Road which junctions on CO105 highway.

I kept hitting slow cager traffic since it was the afternoon commute hours so I did not make good time and I ended up heading back up towards Parker from Monument around 1645. The temperature dropped a good ten degrees during my 2.5 hours ride but it was fine once I put the liner back on under my riding jacket at Monument.

I'd noticed while southbound on CO105 that Maria's odometer was nearing the magical 50,000 mile mark. I rode past Palmer Lake and Monument and kept a close eye on the counter as I then sped my way back North on CO83, past the town of Franktown and back all the way to Parker.

North of Parker, the counter getting really close now, I took the E470 slab to the Gartrell Road exit and from there it was a short hop to my regular gas station. Maria's odometer clicked over 50,000 about two blocks short of the gas station in fact.

I took pictures and then gave Maria her regular reward of a tankful of Premium Gas. Quite a milestone for both her and myself. I bought her with 19,437 miles on the odometer and have thoroughly enjoyed the many miles we've ridden together since October 7, 2006. LINK

I am looking forward to the next 50,000 miles with Maria. Beemers are built to be able to achieve that kind of mileage, given good service and care, all of which I intend to continue giving her.


irondad said...

Just confirms you're not a member of the "my bike's just a prop" Club!

Conchscooter said...

Many miles and in wildly varied conditions. I'm glad you are relatively new to motorcycling else you'd have used up all the motorcycles of the "good old days" and left none for the rest of us.