Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Main Roads Dry, Still Trapped by Neighborhood Roads

So I drive my cage to work today, the temps were in the mid to upper 30s apparently and much snow melted. The roads had patches of ice but were mostly clear on the drive in but were really clear as I drove home this afternoon.

Of course, once I hit my neighborhood entrance, snow-choked/rutted/icy roads remain in effect. Not much melting in evidence dammit. I am glad now that I rescheduled the installation of the hitch for Friday which is apparently the fastest they can get their hands on the specific hitch for my cage. I get the feeling the seeminly disorganized folks at U-Haul never did order it in the first place back when I had the original install appointment!

So, the plan is to get the hitch installed Friday, come home with a motorcycle trailer, and try and exit the neighborhood Saturday morning for a ride before the next forecasted snow. Wish me luck.

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