Thursday, January 25, 2007

5 hours of snow throwing

Took the morning off from work and spent it snow blowing clear the sidewalks in the culdesac(where I could) and really clearing the sidewalks leading out from the entrance of the culdesac. I could reach all the way to South Ireland Street. Only thing stopping now from accessing semi dry Ireland Street was a six foot stretch of packed ice. Needless to say, more sun-induced melting will be needed. My poor little snow blower could do nothing to the ice.

Stopped after I went through my third shear pin on the auger blade assembly. It really did not like it when I would hit rocks. I am down to one spare shear pin and need two to get my snow blower working again.

Was feeling pretty good at the amount of snow I cleared when lo and behold after over five weeks since the first blizzard, a snow grader finally came down my neighborhood street! Actually, was kind of surprised since I'd never seen any kind of snow plowing truck come down my neighborhood. My wife explained to me that since we're part of a city now, the streets have to be plowed! Finally, a benefit of being part of Centennial! Five weeks though....oh well.

He did not scrape the road dry though, just removed the upper layer of ice and snow which I guess is something. He even came into the culdesac and removed the upper crust of the thick layer of snow and ice I'd been staring all the past five weeks or so.

While I am sure his intentions were good, he pretty much covered over with ice/snow a couple of areas I had cleared off with the blower! Once I get the snow blower going again I'll have to redo the two exit points I had made to try and someday get my motorcycle out to the dry sidewalks. He did do a great job of not covering the cleared sidewalks though. I hope the layer he scraped off uncovered enough to lead to faster melting of the remaining ice/snow in the culdesac.

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