Saturday, January 27, 2007

I believe I have a way out....

Now if it would only stop snowing!

Got home around 1400 yesterday and continued clearing a way out of the neighborhood which remains snowcovered except for the sidewalks and S. Ireland St. which is now clear, wet but clear.

In the process of digging a small channel in the ice bordering S. Ireland St. I realized that not only would it help guide standing water to the nearby sewer drains but if I only widened it a bit more I could have a clear contact-with-pavement ride from the sidewalk I'd cleared before to the actual road and from there out to the main roads!

So I spend the rest of the afternoon, with the help of my firstborn and two kids from the neighborhood. Digging away at what we called the mini panama canal. : ) In the end, we had a nice clear channel for water drainage as the snow melts and if I can keep it clear of the expected snow, a road out to the entrance of the subdivision!

1-3 inches of snow forecasted for today, I'll be doing my best to keep the exit route clear of the stuff. Now that the ice is chipped away, its just a matter of keeping what snow falls to a minimum along the path. The forecast however for the rest of the week is not great but hopefully not too bad either.

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