Sunday, January 21, 2007

Global Warming, my left Buttock!

So a forecasted flurry to 2 inch accumulation turned into 6-8 inches of snow for my part of town. My loving wife dug out the driveway and partway into the culdesac and reported the above snow accumulation. I am still recovering from a cold and decided not to push it by shoveling snow.

The snow must be deep, she's even canceling a playdate gathering of neighborhood moms and kids at my house scheduled for tomorrow due to the snow conditions!

I'll be glad to get my hands on the snow thrower I ordered from Sears. It's supposed to be at the store this Wednesday, no more heavy shoveling duties with that baby.

Now I'll be able to not only clear my driveway, but the sidewalks around the culdesac and with a bit of luck and planning, the sidewalks leading to Berry Road which becomes a dry and navigable road after a snow storm within a few days since its plowed due to its being declared a snow route.

Perhaps, I'll even be able to get the motorcycle out, through those sidewalks, as suggested to me by Sanoke. I know the neighbors won't mind, since to do this, I'll be using my snow thrower to clear their sidewalks for them!


Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe when you get the snow blower, you can attach it to the front of your bike?

Wishing you sunny snow free days.
Old Host Guy

Charlie6 said...

nah, it's self-propelled : )

Anonymous said...

Where's your "Tim Taylor" spirit?

Charlie6 said...

he'd agree with me, attaching it to the bike would ruin its matter how much power you push it with. : )