Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm Back, still no riding

Got home to wet looking roads and temps in the low single digits, the car's thermometer read Zero degrees as I carefully drove home with the family.

Far as I could tell, about two inches of fluffy snow had fallen on top of the snow I'd left behind a week ago, not sure any of it had gone away really. Damn.

The forecast is for really cold temps, nothing above freezing anyways till Friday. They're not guessing any more past that point apparently. So, cold as hell and of course no melting in that kind of cold, no matter if the sun comes out or not. Joy Joy Joy.

My loving wife shoveled maybe two inches of snow off the driveway this morning before I drove out to get some foodstuff, by the evening her efforts were covered up by new snow. Sigh.

Damn snow, damn snow-choked and deeply-rutted sidestreets, damn cold weather keeping the snow from melting, damn icy deathtraps in parking lots.

I spent the day ensuring no burst pipes in the unheated garage where the cars and Maria are parked. I am leaving the lights on, added work lights, all to keep the temps in the garage above freezing. It's working so far, kept checking the temperature throughout the day and it's in the low 40s, while outside it got to a high of 11 degrees.

Now I know this much snow is highly unusual and made it into the record books and all, but did it really have to hit the first year that I discovered motorcycling?

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