Saturday, January 27, 2007

After 38 days of no riding....I got out today!

Temps in low 20s, sunny skies after a morning of fluffy snow that left us about an inch on the ground. The snow was gone by midday from the sidewalks and main roads. The side road from my culdesac to the S. Ireland St remained snow-covered of course.

After some more prep work in the morning, to include widening the channel in the ice sheet bordering the sidewalk on S. Ireland St, more ice chipping in spots on the sidewalk, trimming low hanging branches along the way and blowing what snow had fallen; I finally got up the nerve to try a test run in the afternoon.

The Escape Route

The day turned out beautiful, at 4PM I got my riding gear on and rode the motorcycle slowly on the sidewalks I'd kept clear these last few days. Stopped in the ice channel and once no traffic I rode on out! It was glorious! The main roads were dry and traffic was light! Though in the 20s, I did not care because I was finally riding!

The Channel thru the Ice (already icing over for the night)

I circled the neighborhood a couple of times since I told my loving wife I'd only be gone 30 minutes. So it was a short test ride but I CAN GET OUT! A much longer ride is planned for tomorrow! As my wife said: "There's once again, peace in the valley!".

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