Friday, September 30, 2022

Wandering to Aspen Arch

Got some light to serious dirt trail riding done today.  The really technical spots were at the beginning and end of trail number 6037.  This is the trail that exits right next to my campsite.

In the technical sections, it was large boulders and rocks on a narrow twisting trail that made things interesting, sometimes too interesting, and I would have to put out my legs out as outriggers for balance.  

Surprisingly, I didn't drop the motorcycle once!

I was riding to find Aspen Arch, which showed up on Google Maps as I wandered about the area to the east of the campsite.  I had signal throughout so I navigated the trails using Google Maps.  Here's some of the views along the way, all using my Pixel 4a's camera as I'd neglected to bring along my camera case.

As I got closer to Aspen Arch, the hillside below is where its located, I spotted these curious vents on a couple of flat spots:

Maybe, they're air vents for secret government
bunkers eh?  ;)

I started using the COTREX trail maps app at this point to narrow down the location of Aspen Arch.  I was hoping to see it from the trail as I wasn't going to do the hike involved even if the trailhead was even marked!  BTW, I never saw a sign for the trail.
So, can you see the arch?

How about now?

My Pixel 4a camera at max zoom

OK, now you can see the arch right?

This is the best I could find in terms of 
Fall Colors on this ride.

Last pic before I got to the gnarly exit for route 6037.
That's Turtle Rock over on the right.

It was blissfully solitary riding for the most part.  I did encounter a pair of SBSs (side by side) but they quickly disappeared with their noisy engines.  Their goal appeared to be to roar down the trail as fast and as noisily as possible.

I also came up on a couple of guys on dual sports and we chatted for perhaps a minute before I left them.  

Once I was back at the campsite, it was time to do a repair that had been waiting for a while now.  I went into town, to the local Ace hardware store, and got some needed items before completing the repair.

The task was to replace the worm gear and hex elevating shaft:

As you can see, the end had worn down quite a bit and the handle that came with the Wineguard TV antenna mast had come loose and would no longer turn the rod.

I had been using vise grips to grip the remains and turn the rod which would raise or lower the antenna mast with the Yagi antenna housing which I use for the Weboost cell signal booster.

The rod was a bit too long so I had to
Cut it where you see the black mark

Now, after failing to find a replacement handle with a quarter inch hex drive, I ended up with a $9 Hex drive wrench from the hardware store.

The jury is still out of course on whether the wrench will stay in place when the RV is moving about.

Still, I can still raise and lower the mast from inside the RV, so it's all good.

The weekenders have been entering the dispersed camping area all afternoon. The weather has turned rainy and it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow than today.


CCjon said...

Greetings from Rome. A & I are back in travel mode.

Nice redleg repair there.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful aspen and moose photos, good catches.

redlegsrides said...

Ciao CCjon! I hope you two are having a grand time in Rome, say hello to the Pope for me. Thanks for the comments and feedback.

Oz said...

That looks like a cool place. I have never heard of Aspen Arch. Nice photos - as usual.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Oz, I found it quite enjoyable poodling along the dirt trails in search of this particular arch.