Friday, June 21, 2019

T-Dubing near the Dominguez Rim

Thursday, June 20

Woke up way too early to catch this morning's sunrise here at the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area BLM site.

During the lunch hour, I rode out to find the overlook point that one takes Escalante Overlook Road to get to.  Turns out it was one major overlook west of the one I took pictures at yesterday, Wednesday.

 View to the west from Escalante Overlook
The Gunnison River flows below...

 Yagi wanted a look as well.

Red rock lined canyons and mesas across the river

I thought then to ride Escalante Overlook road back to the highway but got turn around and rode perhaps 4-5 miles of medium difficulty trail that ended at a sign post near the highway labeled 76B.  

I was four miles west of the entrance to Escalante Overlook Road so I rode Yagi down this short stretch and turned at the sign.

Found a campsite candidate perhaps a 1/2 mile in, perhaps next time I'm in the area.

Rode the trail all the way back to the Dominguez Rim and the overlook, then turned east to explore the portion of the rim in that direction.  The trail wasn't too bad and I found another overlook spot:

This overlook allowed a good angle to view what appears to be a cave on the side of the canyon wall:

Interesting eh?

Returning once more to the Escalante Overlook Road, I took it back all the way to US50.  Note, there's a great spot for a small RV/Trailer right on the rim but to get there it's a bit rough, I don't think I'll chance it with Uma, the URRV.

I then US 50 for less than 2 miles to get to the entrance I used yesterday to enter this area:

Some info on how the area got it's name, the two Franciscan Priest were doing this while the US was being born!

More info here: LINK

The afternoon turned very windy with many gusts shaking the URRV.   At one point, I event brought the slideout in.  It's supposed to calm down in the evening.

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