Saturday, June 22, 2019

Back in Hotchkiss, CO

Friday, June 21

First Day of Summer!

Woke to gusty winds at 3:30 AM, shaking the URRV quite nicely.  Got up and pulled the slideout back in and went back to sleep, waking once again around 7AM with the winds still blowing heartily.

Forecast said the winds would only get stronger as the day progressed so I broke camp and left by 10AM, displacing the 35 miles back to Hotchkiss, CO and the Delta County Fairgrounds where I'm once again camped.

Here till at least Tuesday, going to take the trailer to the local welder and have him extend the tongue by two feet.  He should be receiving the materials today and he said to drop the trailer off on Monday morning.

Once I got Uma, the URRV, parked and setup....I rode Yagi to the nearby grocery store for supplies.  Will have to make a second trip as there's only so much cargo space on Yagi for groceries; that's one area where I miss having one of my sidecar rigs with me.  Hence, the extension of the trailer tongue and eventual install of a motorcycle rack at the front of the cargo area.  More later.

More RVs at the fairground today than when I left on Wednesday!  Found a spot, but no water faucet nearby, will have to lug water via the spare jugs if I run out though I doubt it as I'm not staying that long I don't think.

Had some slack time, so with Rich K's help, removed the back panel of the speedometer enough to get rid of two bits of plastic that tended to sometimes block the view of the trip meter.  Usually after a ride on the trailer, you see, the bouncing would cause them to get wedged on top of the numbers....very annoying.

Saturday, Jun 22

Rained in the early morning hours, woke to a muddy parking lot where there was no gravel.  The day would stay overcast and feel cold (low 60s) with rain falling ocassionally.  No real riding today.

Did go out to run errands and such, and even went to a local BLM area for some riding; but it was desultory riding at best:

Spent most of the day just watching shows some DVD movies, fixing minor things in the URRV and just chilling out.

Rode out for the sunset but I couldn't really find a good spot for what turned out to be a "meh" sunset.  It was quite chilly, riding in the shaded portions of the valley.  Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.


RichardM said...

Had to lookup “desultory”. Looking forward to the trailer mods...

redlegsrides said...

See you learned something new.... :)

SonjaM said...

Richard wasn't the only one who learned something new today ;-)