Friday, June 07, 2019

Boondocking near Buena Vista, Last day and Displacing to BLM site south of Poncha Pass

Wednesday, June 5

Martha decided to take her car and explore the town of Salida about twenty miles or so south of Buena Vista.

I rode Yagi to explore the BLM/National Forest areas east of the junction of US285 and US24.  Several promising sites can be seen from the US285 highway as one heads west so I thought I'd finally see as to their remote camping viability.

Took CR307, which shortly after leads one to CR308 where I saw several nice camping spots but zero cellular signal!  Bummer.  Took CR308 all the way to Kaufman Pasture where it ends at a fence line to private property.

Rode all the way back and checked out the rest of CR307, what sites I found, had no signal so for now, not usable as remote work areas for me.

I used US285 to get on CR 309 which spans a large plain and some forest land, eventually ending at a locked gate at the border to the Pike National Forest.  Found some campsites here as well but signal was nonexistent again.

Back on US285 for a bit to CR305 which apparently leads one back to the Turtle Rock Campground where the RV is located!  I didn't go all the way, the weather was turning rainy and I didn't want to be on dirt trails if they became muddy.  Did find a map though which explains all the above:

Later that afternoon, we met with a friend of Martha's from the school systems back home.  We had a drink at a Whiskey Bar in Buena Vista and the ladies chatted for a bit.

Thursday, June 6

Broke camp in the morning and we displaced about 35 miles or so to a BLM location just south of Poncha Pass on US285.  I'd stayed near the entrance before as the road into the BLM sites to the west of US285 wasn't navigable by the RV due to large ruts and such then.

Now, the road has be repaired/smoothed out and the URRV had no issues going about 1.2 miles further west and finding a really nice spot to set up camp:

We had the place pretty much to ourselves.  There were several logging trucks though in the area, hauling logs out of here to parts unknown.  You can see part of their operation from our campsite but they're far enough that we can't hear the noise they make, if any.


RichardM said...

Pretty nice spot!

redlegsrides said...

I found other ones just as nice, nearby....

SonjaM said...

+1 what Richard said.

redlegsrides said...

Danke Schön SonjaM