Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Day of Relaxation

Friday, June 14.

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army!

Did not much of anything today except for work and some really minor chores involving the URRV.  Wanted to rest and relax from yesterday's frantic driving around and late night camp set up.  Today was much better.

I woke in time to capture this sunrise:

Sunrise at North Klondike Bluff BLM area

High of 90°F (32.2°C) and a blazing sun all morning through mid-afternoon.  It got quite arm but I was OK so long as I was outside and in the shade of the URRV's awning.  Luckily the winds weren't very strong for the most part though I did have to roll up the awning quickly a couple of times!

Later in the afternoon, the clouds formed and rolled in, providing some respite from the hot sun; I tried for a shot of the La Sal mountains through a couple of nearby hills:

La Sal Mountains with some red rock
formations on the left

View of the campsite from the hilltop I 
climbed to take the La Sal picture.

I did some cleanup of garbage left by the last camper, not too bad in terms of swine factor.  However, I was quite annoyed at finding tent pegs sticking out of the ground near where the URRV wheels had stopped!  

Found three of the damn things.

Note to tent campers, if you're not man enough or considerate enough to remove your tent pegs, at least don't leave them sticking out of the ground, pound them into the ground, idiots!

Then came time for the sunset, things cooled down nicely though the bugs came out for a bit too.  Still, not too bad, the bugs....biting flies and some kind of gnats.

I pootled around the area, looking for a nice spot for the sunset pics and spotted this cloud burst....that' Uma, the URRV in the foreground.  My first thought was: Tornado!  But no, just a cloud burst I think.

The sunset was meh, not bad but not great either:

Tomorrow, Saturday, I hope to ride Yagi to the nearby (14 miles) Sego Canyon to check out the conditions for the BLM campsite supposed to be around there, the rock paintings and hopefully some cool looking rock formations.


SonjaM said...

Lucky, you didn't lose another tire to the tent peg. People can be very inconsiderate.

The cloud burst looks threatening yet spectacular. Not a tornado? It sure looks like one.

redlegsrides said...

Luckily, SonjaM, no tornado ( had witnessed a dirt devil earlier) and no new pictures...and yes I hope no more tent pegs....did find two more later.