Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Boondocking near Poncha Pass, CO - Visiting O'Haver Lake and a sunset.

Sunday, June 9

Martha returned to the campsite in the late morning, bringing fresh water and food supplies.

We relaxed in the URRV the rest of the morning and after lunch we went for a short hike around Lake O'Haver.  (Almost got a ticket, apparently though it's a National Forest campground, you have to be a registered camper to park in the common areas).

We checked out some bits of road but ended up turning around soon afterwards as conditions we'rent great for Martha's car.

We spend the evening watching a Netflix show that Martha had downloaded to her IPad before leaving home.  Just in time, she noticed the sunset (which hadn't looked very promising) had started painting the clouds in some nice yellows and reds:

 Reverse sunset colors on the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range

 Mount Ouray

It was in the 50's as I walked about getting the sunset shots, felt much colder!

Still, it was a nice sunset.


SonjaM said...

Looks like the sky is on fire. Stunning!

redlegsrides said...

It really was quite the display SonjaM, thanks

RichardM said...

Nice sunset!

redlegsrides said...