Thursday, June 13, 2019

Boondocking in the Gunnison Gorge BLM area

Tuesday, June 11

Left the Poncha Pass BLM area campsite this morning shortly after Martha departed in her car headed towards home.

I on the other hand was going west, after a detour back to Buena Vista to look for an item I'd lost at the old campsite.  No joy.  Still, got the tanks dumped, water filled and propane tank filled as well while in town.

Then I returned back to US50 and headed west.

After slowly making my way up towards Monarch Pass ( I wasn't the slowest, but darn near), I turned off on CO Hwy 92 to check out a National Forest campsite, didn't find it.

Kept on going till I got to Hotchkiss where the plan was to camp in the Delta County Fairgrounds.  I didn't stay, while not full, there was enough headcount to keep me going on.

I thought I'd check out the BLM site I'd seen off the side of the road but that turned out to not be for camping.  Checking, it listed the Cottonwood Grove Campground run by the BLM not too far away and so that's where I headed.

Takes a while as its a bumpy dirt road with some steep portions to make things interesting.  Still, UMA the URRV did fine though I did have to stop two times when the rocking of the URRV caused doors to storage cabines to fly open and items to fall out!

Finally got the campground, and found great download speeds but problems with uploads.  I retraced my steps to a parking spot I'd seen on the way to the campground and set up camp there.  I'm unsure if its a legal campsite but I figure a BLM agent will come by and tell me if its not and I'll move.

 The Gunnison River


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