Thursday, December 06, 2018

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 8 & 9

Dec 5: Indian Bread BLM

Left the Lake Holloman, NM BLM site early and spent the day traveling to the next site.

Sunrise at Lake Holloman

The weather was sunny and warm as I drove the URRV towards the border with Arizona.  However, as I neared the Indian Bread BLM site near Bowie, AZ, the clouds became overcast and it felt chillier.

Got set up, only two neighbors quite a ways from the site I picked, which was the same site I used last year.  A creature of habit I am, apparently, must break that pattern perhaps; though knowing a good site with good signal is something comforting.

Campsite at the Indian Bread  BLM area.
The little white box is Uma, the URRV

My first Arizon sunset for this trip proved slightly disappointing:

Dec 6 - Snyder Hill BLM near Tucson, AZ

A short travel day as the distance from Bowie to Tucson is under two hours.

I made a dump run at a private RV park in Bowie at the start of the driving, dumping both the gray and black tanks and filling up the fresh water tank.  I think there's less expensive ways to do this though.  It cost me $20 at this RV park but now I think I could have done the tank dumping for free at selected gas stations and travel centers.

Getting water is the harder thing I think.  More research needed I think.  Or just pay the fee for the convenience of doing it all in one spot.

The Snyder Hill BLM site had a lot of RVs on the western side of the hill, not as many on the same side I stayed in last year so it's all good.

Weather went from overcast to rainy.  It didn't rain very hard or very long, this is the desert after all, but enough to cause no sunset views.  Sitting here, running the small generator, watching TV since I'm close to the city of Tucson....Glamping Mode On.


RichardM said...

I think some of the Pilot/Flying J truck stops have dump stations and water for $5 w/fuel purchase or $10 without. I’ve also seen them listed on the AllStays app.

dom chang said...

Exactly RichardM, got to buy fuel anyways somust plan things better next time the tanks are due.