Friday, December 28, 2018

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 31: Oatman, AZ and its Burros

After a leisurely breakfast and after Martha returned from the truck stop 7 miles away where she got herself a Truck Stop Shower....we headed out in two vehicles towards Oatman, AZ about 26 miles away.

It was very windy and I was having to concentrate and react constantly to strong gusts of winds that threatened to blow Scarlett to one side or other of the road.

Martha was driving the rental car, as this ride was a further test of my repairs yesterday.  I'm happy to report all is well on those.

We got into town right after three large busloads to tourists had just departed so the timing was perfect!

Oatman is a definite tourist trap, with lots of knick-knacks following either the US66 motif or what the town is known for: it's Burros.  They wander loose in the town apparently and in the surrounding area.

Feed me!

The strong winds continued to blow through time, adding an extra chill to the air which kept us from staying too long.  

We wandered about, checking out the signage designed to lure tourists in to peruse their wares.

The dollar-covered interior of a diner in town.  There were dollar bills everywhere, to include the ceiling....

The town's hotel's claim to fame was the fact that actor Clark Gable and wife Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon there.  One can view the rather rustic "budoir" they used during their stay.  Apparently Clark Gable liked the place for the peace and atmosphere and liked to play cards with the local miners.

As more and more tourists drove into town, we drove out, retracing our route back towards I-40.

 A few miles south of Oatman, a view of the 
hills and rock formations

We stopped in the small town of Golden Shores to gas up and to capture the requisite shot of having ridden on a portion of US 66:

The wind would continue to howl at us as we made our way east to Lake Havasu City to return the rental car since Scarlett seems to be OK once again.

We had lunch in that town and then returned to the campsite where I learned how to and used the onboard water pump to fill the fresh water tank from water containers.  Handy, no need to move the URRV to water, just ferry tanks around.

It was a rather mild sunset tonight, the play of lights amount the distant hills was interesting though.

 The distant yet distinctive hills near Oatman, AZ


RichardM said...

I've heard about the burros in Oatman, AZ. I think we need to visit that tourist trap in Feb. Isn't it nice when a repair is completed and things return back to normal?

redlegsrides said...

Yes it’s good to have the rig working again....I think you two will like Oatman....