Monday, December 17, 2018

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 20: Scarlett's 60K Km service and last day at Quartzsite

All good things must come to an end, and so it will be with my stay in Quartzsite, AZ.

I plan on leaving tomorrow, perhaps find some BLM land near Bullhead City, AZ to overnight on my way to Death Valley, CA.  More on that later.

Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol, went over 60,000 km on the clock yesterday while out on the dirt roads near Black Mesa.

Took a couple of trips into town to gather all the supplies and items such as funnels, measuring cup, air filter, oil filter wrench and of course engine oil and FD Gear oil.

Shadowy views of the mountains in the Kofa
National Wildlife Refuge about 18 miles south

Luckily, the local auto parts store, a Carquest franchise, had most of the items and the rest were obtained at the hardware store and Family Dollar store for the measuring cup.  All stuff readily available at home of course, but now I've got the same stuff for the RV to have around.

Changed out the engine oil and filter (I'd packed that before the trip), replaced the 20W50 oil in the gearbox and also in the final drive.  Found the final drive quite low in oil in fact, must check more regularly; am thinking it might have lost some when I lost the bolts yesterday that held the U-Joint assembly to the final drive.

I got some rubber straps aka bungie cords to secure the battery in place until I get the proper metal straps from the dealer.  Darn thing must have been moving about while the rig was bouncing on the rocky trails!

I've elected to wait on replacing the compliance fittings, they're supposed to be done at the 10K km interval but right now, they're fine.  Those are the major tasks involved with the service, the rest I'll get done here and there this week.  Mostly checks and lubrication of specific points on the tug.

I also figured out how to install the TPMS sensor on the inner duallies with no major hassle.  Just use the sparkplug tool that comes with the Ural's toolkit to hold the sensor, put it in place and simply screw it on!  Easy Peasy.  No more long air stem extensions that induce slow leaks!  I'll just use them when I need to pump air into the tires now.

Not a bad sunset tonight, my last night in Quartzsite for this year I believe.

I've seen all I meant to see while here, found some new trails and roads, and enjoyed the mostly warm weather.  It's kind of chilly here when the sun is hidden by clouds in the daytime. 


RichardM said...

20W50 in the final drive? Or was that a typo? The final drive really doesn't hold very much oil. What I do is I put the appropriate amount (135ml) in a small bottle and just carry that instead of the whole bottle. Plus, it's easy to pour into the final drive.

redlegsrides said...

I meant to type also changed oil in FD, 80/90 Gear Oil.