Friday, December 07, 2018

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 10: Rained In

Woke to cloudy skies and foggy conditions, so not much of a sunrise to try and catch.

After breakfast and some work, I walked up Snyder Hill which gives its name to the BLM site I'm camping on.  Up there you could really see how the fog made the nearby hills looked like they were wreathed in the clouds:

From the top of the hill, I could see over to the western side of the BLM site, as I mentioned before, there were way more RVs located on this side for whatever reason.

I prefer the eastern side of the camping area.

After these pictures, it proceeded to basically rain all morning as I worked.  It made the soil quite soggy and muddy.  The rain stopped shortly after Noon and I headed out around 1PM for a quick errand.

I went to the QuikTrip located at the SW corner of the intersection of I-19 and Valencia Road.  That's where I'd told Amazon to send me a replacement battery bank for the one I broke earlier in the trip. (Damaged the power connector).

I was using the Amazon Locker system and it proved quite easy to use though I found it slightly difficult to located.  It's not very prominent and I had the impression from their emails that the lockers were "inside" the QuikTrip.  Not so.

No exactly conspicuous to the first time user....

I entered the code provided via email and
a door popped open and there was my package.

I rode Scarlett out for sunset pics but the sunset didn't cooperate as I rode around some dirt roads seeking sunset colors to no avail.

Upon returning to camp and parking Scarlett up on the trailer, I noticed that some promising colors had started appearing to the north.

Sighing heavily, I grabbed the tripod and camera and hiked back up Snyder Hill thinking that it was probably a waste of time and effort.

I was wrong, happily.

Not a sky filling sunset but definitely very colorful.  I'll probably move on tomorrow, thinking perhaps Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument along I-8.


RichardM said...

Really nice fog photo. (#5) Looking forward to hearing about Organ Pipe Cacts NM.

SonjaM said...

I don't know about the Amazon locker system but in the rural area of my neck of the woods the postal services have them which is kinda nice because of their all day access.

The colours, the scenery. Simply spectacular.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, the locker thing works well for when traveling, of course it was Martha who thought of using it.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, I googled the monument and the cacti there is definitely different!