Saturday, July 15, 2017

SLC RV Trip - Days 6 and 7: Hot Weather

NSTR (Nothing Significant to Report) for day 6 except for really hot weather, no fun rides and dinner at the Texas Roadhouse Steak House with the Machidas.

RichardM did provide tools and wise counsel/guidance in the mounting of a universal tractor seat bracket obtained from the Tractor Supply Store.  Now the Harley-Davison Police Solo seat I'd mounted is far more secure.

Day 7 would prove to be one of the hotest days I've ridden a motorcycle in.  RichardM and Bridget got on the road to Idaho and said our goodbyes as we were staying one more night.

 Uma and Fiona

After Bridget and RichardM left for Idaho, Martha and I started the day's sweltering riding with an errand, then we went to the Fort Douglas Army Museum near the Army Reserve center of the same name.

A nice, small museum, covering a bit of the early days of the US Army's involvement with the Utah Territory, the Mormon rebellion known as the Utah War and a nice display of Army weapons, uniforms and vehicles.

There was an emphasis of course of vessels, military personnel related to Utah.

 The business end of a 155mm Howitzer

 M551 Sheridan Light Tank, I saw it used in 
the 82nd Airborne Division

A WWII icon, the M4 Sherman Tank, though
not as armored/powerful as its opponents in Germany,
it's prodigious numbers overwhelmed superior German tanks.

After the museum, we gassed up Fiona and then headed up Emigration Canyon, the road used by early settlers to get into the Utah Valley.  Not much to see but a nice short ride.  We then got on Interstate 80 for a short bit to get off at Park City, UT.

It was still very hot and all we did was a short potty break off of main street and then we escaped this ski resort town for UT 224 and the road up to Guardsman Pass.

The summit of the pass was choked with cars as folks had come out to try and get away from the heat of the valleys.  It was 79 degrees Fahrenheit up there but it did feel cooler than the 94 degrees Fahrenheit down in the valley as we left it!

Today's heat beat my record of 101 degrees Fahrenheit with a new record: 103.6 degrees Fahrenheit!  It was truly like riding inside a blast furnace.

Our sunset for our last evening in the Utah Valley:

I finish this with a couple of photos, by Martha, of the iconic Mormon Temple in downtown Salt Lake City.


Steve Williams said...

Riding in a blast furnace -- ugh. I must say your pictures reveal nothing of that. You look a fresh as a daisy on a cool morning...;)

I did chuckle when I saw the picture of you and Richard with the text underneath reading, "Martha and I started the day..." Richard seems more relaxed (and younger) in every new picture I see of him. And you're looking less serious and more relaxed as well. Took a moment to process the short pants and sandals...

That museum has some similar stuff to the one down the street from me. There's a Sherman tank in a pine woods that the kids love to swarm and people pose with for selfies.

Aside from the heat, looks like a great trip. And the rig looks great.

Steve Williams said...

I had to chuckle when I saw the text under the photograph of you and Richard begin, "Martha and I started the day's sweltering riding with an errand,' Thought you were going to play a trick on us poor readers. I have to say you're looking more and more relaxed Dom and Richard looks younger in every picture I see of him. Must be something in the water west of the Mississippi...

We have a similar Sherman tank at the military museum down the street. It's frequently crawling with kids who use it as a playground piece. They used to leave all the hatches functioning until they realized kids were sneaking inside at night to be, well, kids...

If it's hot you're showing no signs of it in those shorts and sandals. Definitely not a look I associate with the author of Redleg's Rides. I'm adjusting though.

redlegsrides said...

"Tanks" for the comments Steve Williams....tanks, I crack myself up.

The relaxed look you see is the effect of RV living I believe.

Even just shorts, tshirt and sandals were too much at times with the heat Steve, thankfully we've AC in the RV!

Trobairitz said...

Wow, I would not want to ride in that heat, but it sounds as though you weathered it well-no pun intended.

redlegsrides said...

Fortunately Trobairitz, we only had to endure for about an hour after leaving the heights and entering the oven that was Utah Valley.