Sunday, July 09, 2017

SLC RV Trip - Day 1: Visiting the Halls

Off we go on another RV Glamping trip, this time with Fiona, my '99 Bural in tow.

We headed west on the I-70 slab, leaving the traffic cesspool that is Denver behind us not soon enough.

We got to Glenwood Springs, CO where Martha had arranged, on an impromptu basis, a visit with Caitlin, her husband Eric and their lovely daughter Elaine.  Caitlin's mom, our neighbord: Donna was also visiting so it was a chance to catch up with her as well.

Both Caitlin and Eric are Pediatricians and are starting work at a practice in Glenwood Springs soon.  Caitlin used to babysit for our boys, back in the day, now she is a Doctor!

The view from a scenic rest stop near Breckenridge along
the I-70 super slab

We got to Glenwood Springs at 3PM and to Caitlin and Eric's home soon after that.  

 Here's Elaine (Laine) with her grandmother Donna,
our neighbor back home.

 Laine was so cute, she just jumped got right into the
sidecar and said "Ready, Ready!"  A ride was promised
to her in a future visit to their home.

Around 5PM, we left Caitlin, Eric, Donna and Laine to their Saturday evening and we motored onwards towards the vicinity of Palisade, CO to the James Robb Island Acres State Park along the Colorado River.

We settled into a pull-through site with electricity and promptly got the AC running as it was hot and humid at this campground!

No wi-fi and cell coverage without a booster was -99dBm 3G and -108dBm LTE which translates to roughly two bars.  Either way, internet access was spotty and slow at best.  Just too many folks over too small a pipe I think.

A long day for the both of us on the road, we went to bed early and woke to this nice view of the canyon wall to the south of the camp ground:

More to follow as we head into Utah.


RichardM said...

I like the sunrise photo. Still looks very warm...

SonjaM said...

Not having a proper internet connection sucks, that said I am angry at myself for having become so dependent... is there a self-help group I can join?

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, it was very warm....

Its the internet that has both freed and shackled us SonjaM....I look forward to retiring some day.