Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rollins Pass and my First Rodeo

I am spending the weekend at a VRBO property, a guest of a neighborhood friend of mine: Bob W.  Actually, it was five of us total, who were at Bob's rental unit for a weekend of manly camaraderie.  The rental house was near Fraser, Colorado and so I took US40 through Berthoud Pass and past the ski resort of Winter Park to get there.

Approaching Berthoud Pass

Shortly after I arrived at mid-morning Saturday, the decision was made to go up Corona Pass Road.  This is the road that takes you to Rollins Pass.

Riding Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol sidecar rig, with Dale B. as my monkey, we tore up the road, followed by Steve L on an ATV and the rest of the guys in Bob's pickup truck.

photo courtesy Jim M.
Dale B. and yours truly

 The view from a pit stop along the way up
to the top of Rollins Pass

 Left to right: Bob our host, Steve, Rick, Dale and Jim

photo courtesy of Dale

Steve would be the monkey on the first part down
the mountain

 A nice alpine lake 

Railroad Trestle Bridge from back in the day

Rick would be the day's last monkey, he and I
got pretty wet as it rained on us as we left Corona Pass Rd.

Returning to Fraser, we relaxed a bit at the rental house and then we packed all six of us into Dale's car and went to the High Country Stampede Rodeo nearby; this would be my first rodeo.

The opening ceremonies were very patriotic and well done.

Most of the photos I took didn't work out, its quite difficult to shoot horses and riders moving fast it turns out.

photo courtesy Rick
left to right: me, Bob, Dale, Jim, Steve and Rick

Fun day with friends, Dale, Steve and Rick were initiated into the ancient order of Sidecar Monkeys and I've finally ridden both halves of the Rollins Pass Road!

A video compilation of events I saw at the rodeo:


RichardM said...

Didn't feel inclined to try barrel racing with the rig? Nice photos. I like the rodeo pics especially the action photo.

Artie & Leinen's Grand Adventure said...

I love the comment "you tore up the road." I am glad to be in the club, but I still want to try side car games where I can really be a monkey and hang out throwing poles through rings. The alpine lake is my favorite picture. You're so lucky to be able to just take off into the mountains as much as you do.

Trobairitz said...

Looks like a great time Dom. Good fun and not too many shenanigans.

redlegsrides said...

The loose sawdust/dirt in the arena...RichardM, would have required 2WD!

redlegsrides said...

Sidecar games can be a lot of fun Bridget. Thanks for your comments.

redlegsrides said...

Not too many Trobairitz, enough......

VStar Lady said...

You may have found it challenging to capture the horse and rider on the run but you did a fine job. I've never been to a rodeo (or been a side car monkey for that matter.) Looks like lots of fun despite a bit of rain.

redlegsrides said...

Update: added video compilation of rodeo events

redlegsrides said...

VStar Lady, that action shot was pure luck. Thanks for your comments...and yes it was a lot of fun.

SonjaM said...

I have been to rodeos during Calgary Stampede but it wasn't really my cup of tea.

However, I would gladly be your sidecar monkey again, Dom ;-)

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, you're welcome to be my monkey or for that matter, try driving the sidecar rig....anytime.