Sunday, July 16, 2017

SLC RV Trip - Day 8: Boyd Lake State Park

Although the original plan had been for me to continue heading west while Martha flew home from Salt Lake City today; the continuing very hot weather led to a change in plans.

I shall try for a RV trip that reaches the west coast sometime during Fall Break perhaps.

So, Martha and I packed up Uma the URRV and we headed east on I-80 out of Utah, through Wyoming and ended up stopping for the night at Boyd Lake State Park just south of Loveland, CO.

We were about 2.5 hrs from home at this point, perhaps less, but the prospect of arriving tired, in the dark and still having to put things away just led us to instead have a relaxed evening near Boyd Lake.

Nice RV park, not much on amenities but they did have electric pull-through sites and good cellphone coverage which is all we needed for one night.

Our site had good views of the setting sun, but the sunset itself proved to be a mild one in terms of color.

 Yep, didn't have much time after setting up camp to unload
Fiona, so she's on the trailer still....

Note the mast used to raise the weBoost cellular
booster antenna to a height of about 18 feet for
a -21 dBm gain in signal strength.


SonjaM said...

Given the huge antenna... Were you looking for wifi or trying to contact E.T. ?

Trobairitz said...

The bike looks good at sunset even when on the trailer.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the kind words Trobairitz, Fiona was definitely in "repose" mode.

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, I'm only getting started! The antenna in question is for cellular 4G LTE signal boosting. If OneWeb ever gets their 600 satellites into orbit, I'll be done with cellular data and wifi!