Thursday, July 13, 2017

SLC RV Trip - Day 5: South Jordan

We checked out of the Lakeside RV Park at 11AM and by noon we were at our friends house in the city of South Jordan.

Brian and Jennifer had recently retired and moved to Utah to be nearer to one of their daughters and her family.  They generously allowed us to moochdock in front of their house for the night as our reservation at the Pony Express RV Park didn't start till Thursday.

We had a great time visiting with them and their daughter Hannah who lives nearby with her two lovely daughters, Norah and Nellie.

Sidecar rides were of course one of the events of the visit.

First up was Norah, the eldest daughter, held 
by Hannah, her mom.

 Second was Nellie, Hannah's youngest daughter...
she seemed unsure about me....or perhaps my
driving skills.

 Jennifer, our hostess and long time friend
from my active duty days.

Rides done, I was introduced to Hannah's neighbor Mike who in another example of "small world" owns a Ural sidecar rig!

Yep, he's got a 2006 Retro and he showed the rig to me in his garage along with a beautiful Moto Guzzi:

After a great dinner by Brian, we just sat in the cooling evening, reminiscing about old times and discussing life in general.  A very good time was had, and we even saw Jupiter in the night sky!

Pretty nice sunset too but I couldn't leave the great company to capture it, so here's one of Uma with the colors of the sunset showing:

Here's some more pics of the family the next morning after breakfast:

 Martha and Nellie

 Norah, Jennifer, Nellie, Brian and Hannah

Jennifer, Norah and Martha


SonjaM said...

Those bikes are shiny. Have they ever left the garage?

Trobairitz said...

With your sidecar rig you are always the highlight of the party Dom!

redlegsrides said...

Oh I am sure they have SonjaM, but they were a little dusty. The owner said he'd been doing some wood-working project and there was dust everywhere.

Trobairitz, highlight or sideshow?

VStar Lady said...

Don't you just love those 'small world' events ... and I'm sure you were a highlight not a sideshow 😂

redlegsrides said...

added three more pics of the family

VStar Lady, thanks for the support.