Monday, July 10, 2017

SLC RV Trip - Day 2: Provo, UT

We woke early at the James Robb State Park campground and were on the road by 7:30AM.  The day was already warm and sunny.

We made good time to Green River where we filled Uma the URRV up with gas, and getting about 9 MPG.

We stopped again just shy of Soldier Summit along US 191 for lunch and discovered the onboard generator wasn't working.  Hmmmm.  I thought perhaps it was lack of oil as it looked low so we carried on towards Provo to get some more oil, 10W30.

Arriving at the Lakeside RV Park where we'll be till Wednesday, a quick check revealed oil levels to be OK.  Then out of the corner of the eye, I saw a drop of oil fall from the air filter cover!  Hmmmm.  I removed the cover and perhaps one or two tablespoons of oil fell out!

The air filter didn't seem compromised but not taking chances, will replace it as the generator ran fine without it for a few minutes as I was checking it out.  I'll get a replacement air filter in town and I think a replacement reed valve/pcv valve as Onan generators are apparently known for this.  Sigh.

But it's OK, the RV park we're in is full hookups and we're sitting in the hot afternoon, shaded by trees, the AC blasting and waiting for the evening's coolness.

photo by Martha

6:30 PM came and it was still quite warm in the Utah Valley as we rode Fiona, my '99 Bural, towards Squaw Peak Overlook.  Google reported it as a nice spot to view the sunset and see the Provo and Orem.

 That's Utah Lake in the background, our RV camp is 
near it's eastern edge on the Provo side.

 Martha and Fiona, that's Mt Timpanogos on the
left and Cascade Mountain on the right

Sunsetwx got it wrong again, though reporting most of Utah with a red sunset potential, the incoming rains precluded a nice sunset picture for us this time.
 A small cloud burst of rain to the north of Utah Lake

Still hoping for sunset pics, we endured two small rain showers which cooled things off considerably.  Alas, no parting of the clouds so we decided to leave around 8:40PM.

Wouldn't you know it, Fiona wouldn't start.  Dammit.  Some troubleshooting later, and it was a battery ground cable not making good contact.  I'd moved it recently you see, to acommodate a Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle seat.

Temporary fix done by shifting the cable enough for it to make contact with bare metal and off we went.

Made it home by 10PM, the streets of Provo and Orem were nice and quiet with very little traffic.


SonjaM said...

The opening in the clouds look almost otherworldly, as if a spaceship is about to land... You might not have gotten your sense, Dom but got a very dramatic cloud moment instead.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, came out pretty good after some post-processing. It is the shot I liked best.

Martha said...

Sonja, I thought so too...while we were not treated to a spectacular sunset, it was fun watching the storm roll in, ducking for cover under a bush when the drops started to pick up in intensity,, and well...being of a certain "age"...the cooler temperature was worth getting wet! Part of the glamping experience is just seeing how the events actually unfold...maybe not what we went in search of, but we came home satisfied just the same (and completely dried off thanks to Mother Nature's light breeze!

RichardM said...

At least the rain provided a little relief to the warm temperatures. The sun shining through is a pretty nice photo!

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, found your comment just now awaiting moderation, sorry about that....