Monday, April 20, 2009

Riding during Lunch

I decided to eat my lunch early, while listening to the usual 11:00 AM teleconference, in order to be able to ride during lunch since the weather is so nice. It was in the low 60s and sunny as I geared up once the call was over.

I was in Greenwood Village, the city in which one of the two data centers that I work at for UAL is located. Damn but the weather was nice, cool and breezy with the sun warming things up just right.

I wandered about the DTC: Denver Tech Center for a few and decided to take a picture of the new Remax building on the NE corner of the junction of Bellevue and I-25. I'd seen the building from when it was just bare ground with the elevator shaft concrete structure being the only thing built. Now, it's quite the imposing building and visible from miles away:

The Remax Building in the DTC
Look closely and you'll see Brigitta in front

Afterwards, I headed west on Bellevue Avenue, looking for a nice spot to pose Brigitta at with Mount Evans and the front range mountains in the background. No haze today to dim one's view of the mountains due to the recent snow storms!

I went quite a ways, until I came to Cornerstone Park, about a mile west of the intersection with University Boulevard. The park sits on high ground and one can get a nice shot of the front range mountains with little to no obstructions:

Cornerstone Park

I made my way back to work with no incident, traffic was a bit heavy in the DTC since it was lunchtime and all the office workers were out in the large SUVs going to eat or walking about getting some exercise.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be even warmer but I'll be at the airport for meetings.


Anonymous said...

Much more interesting than my 100 yard lunch ride to Wendy's. I could have filled my bike up with gas twice with what I spent on lunch!

Ride on,

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

I envy you the every-day ability to just park your bike to walk around and take pictures. I had a riding week of sorts, but none of the conclusions that you would have expected.

The Remax Building has an appealing shape to it, for modern architecture. I'm going back to read you post that I may have missed in the last few days.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

bobskoot said...

We only get 45min for our lunch break. Can't even call it lunch hour anymore. We are located on a very busy thoroughfare, lots of signal lights and traffic is usually at a standstill during the noon hour, so no lunch riding for me. Count yourself as being lucky

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Anonymous said...

Belleview. BelleVIEW. It says it on the signs.