Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Colorado Sunrise

As a follow up to the previous posting, I woke early today and headed out to the same spot on Chenango Street to take some pictures of the same mountains, this time at sunrise.

This time, I had the tripod with me so more of the pictures came out in sharp focus.

I had to take many pictures as the sun peeked out from the horizon behind me and it steadily rose higher into the morning sky. There were some clouds blocking the full effect of the sun so a lot of the shots came out "washed out".

The other shots that didn't work out were due to cagers speeding their way into the picture as they made their way out to their work locations. Turns out this road is quite busy between 0630 and 0700 when I was shooting!

This is the picture which turned out best, in my opinion anyways. I had some nice blue shading graduations, the foreground was lit nicely by sunlight and you can make out the snow-covered features of the mountains. The only bummer was the bus rider at the bench, but I couldn't very well yell at him to get out of the shot! : )

I am not sure whether the haziness of the mountain peaks was because of the light levels or the distances involved or just haze! More practice is needed. Though I found out last night how to manually set things on my wife's Nikon D50, it didn't quite work out this morning. Oh well.

A couple of guys I know from work saw me as they drove by in a pickup truck, they stopped next to me and said: "Get a real motorcycle!" since they are Harley riders. I yelled back suitable commentary which in summary basically said: "Go get on your own motorcycles, ride out here, then tell me whatever you want". : )


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom)

I thought that sunrise picture turned quite nicely. I always associate pictures of snow covered mountains with resort areas. This is a by-product of a New Jersey upbringing. Consequently, I was expecting to see hard bodies, bouncing their pony tails as they carried their skies along on the sidewalk. Instead, you included some stalker taking pictures of the house across the street with his cell phone.

I was impressed that you just parked on the sidewalk too. In New Jersey, people in the bus stop would have thrown the bike over and burned it.

I thought the early morning light on the houses was a nice effect.

Very interesting post and photo. How did you lash the tripod to the bike?

Fondest regards,
Jack Riepe
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...

Thanks Jack, I'll see what I can do about hard bodies with bouncing ponytails and or whatever as things warm up around here.

You make NJ sound so attractive.....sure you don't work for their tourist bureau?

As to the tripod, just used a couple of bungie cords to secure the tripod to the cargo rack in the rear.

As to parking on the sidewalk, people don't seem to mind so long as you're not there too long. Heck, I've been known to clear them of snow just to escape my snow-choked neighborhood streets on my motorcycle!