Monday, April 13, 2009

Another try at Sunset Pictures

On the way home, I was struck by how a rise on a street near home made the mountains appear closer to one's perspective than they actually were.

I returned to the same spot closer to sunset since the clouds near the horizon promised some nice colors.

Most of the shots came out just a bit blurry since in my rush out of the house, I forgot to take along my tripod, dammit. I won't forget the next time I try this. Still, I managed to hold still enough for a couple of shots to come out decent:

A closeup of the seemingly nearby snow covered mountains,
painted by the fading light of the sunset

A Colorado Sunset

This spot is now on the list of nearby spots for horizon shots. I just have to figure out how to get my wife's camera to do what I ask it! It's got more bells and whistles than my old Olympus C-4000, so it's just a matter of finding/reading the manual I guess.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Just halt the sunset until you fet the camera set up. It's what I do.

Fondest regards,


Scott said...

Mmmm, nice light! The camera likely has exposure compensation settings. A few clicks towards the "+" will help the sky from washing out. ;-)