Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Lunchtime Ride

Early end to the workday today as I'd accumulated the maximum amount of hours by noon. I left the Cendant Data Center and headed west on Belleview Avenue to get a picture of an ex-air force drone (I think) which is now serving out its days as a monument of sorts in a city park near Cornerstone Park where I was earlier in the week:

I then turned back towards the Cherry Hills neighborhoods, where huge fancy houses with large lawns abound behind brick walls and iron fences.

I'd spotted a very nice looking building, it had a classic look to it with its white Greek columns, brick construction and what turned out to be a statue of Saint Mary.

You see, this is the Saint Mary's Academy, founded in 1864 by the Sisters of Loretto, in part to help "tame" the wild city that Denver was apparently back then.

From the school's website: (LINK)

Three Sisters of Loretto left Santa Fe, New Mexico, on June 22, 1864, and on August 1 opened St. Mary’s Academy as a school to counter the wild atmosphere of Denver City.

The sisters were valiant models of Loretto’s “ pioneering spirit” undertaking an arduous five-day journey in a crowded mail coach from Santa Fe to found the school.

St. Mary's humble beginnings

OK, so it's a nice looking building, so what? You ask....

I post it because of the spurious thought that came to mind when I read the signs and found out it was a school for girls going through grades 9-12 (it's co-ed in the lower grades).

What was that thought you ask? Well, what popped into my mind, which recently had read Jack Riepe's latest blog posting, was that the teachers at this school probably threaten their 9-12th grade students with visions of them ending up as pole dancers if they don't buckle down to their studies! LINK to Jack's posting: Desire and Disillusionment

Source: Google

The above is alledged motivational material used by the faculty of St. Mary's to keep them focused on their studies. Lest they end up in front of Jack some day....

Yes, the corruption of my morals and blog content continue under the influence of Jack's spellbinding and often hilarious narratives. I encourage you to visit his blog, just keep a close hold on your morals!


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Charlie6 (Dom):

Given time, I could have spun a rather interesting explanation of how your motorcycle got on the grounds of a girl's academy. I would never have thought of that myself. And as notorious as I am, I have yet to post pole dancers in training on my blog.

I intend to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, horsimg around with my bike. I may have breakfast at the railroad station.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...


Technically, my motorcycle and I were outside the school grounds, note the entrance gate behind Brigitta.

Hope you get some great riding in, I think I'm going to try my first long ride of the year,somewhere west of Horsetooth Reservoir perhaps.