Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Annual BBIR Mileage Contest period ends.

I'd mentioned before the unofficial creation and running by the BMWMOA of the BBIR: LINK

The alternative mileage contest runs the remainder of the year not covered by the traditional mileage contest sponsored by the BMWMOA: 13OCT08 through 10APR09.

I managed to ride 9417 miles between both my beemers, not bad I guess since I did not manage to get in any real long distance rides due to work schedules mostly.

It'll be interesting to see how I place in this one as it takes out of the running all the folks in the parts of the US where snow is actually a prohibitive factor in terms of riding.


Jack Riepe said...

Dear Old Friend Dom:

The sands are running through the hour glass. The missing pieces to "Fire Balls" are all in the garage, and will be the subject of a post this weekend. The machine is scheduled for re-assembly on Tuesday night, when the final box pf ancillary parts arrives from Bob's BMW. (The seat lock mechanism, very poorly designed and made out of plastic, is going to get replaced as well.)

Mike Cantwell, the source of an occasional rude comment on my blog, will be arriving for the weekend next Friday. I will offically enter the MOA Mileage contest and start to ride like hell.

The bad news is that running around in Washington, DC seems to have had a more severe impact on my hip than I originally thought. There is real pain there again, and I am virtually fasting to dump more weight.

But I hope to give you a run for the money this season.

Happy Easter, Old Pal. And please extend my holidays wishes to your family.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Charlie6 said...


sounds great, I look forward to the postings from your rides!

re the mileage contest, consider your thrown down gauntlet accepted!

don't get sick from fasting though....


irondad said...

Both of you remember this: Using a centerstand and an electric drill DO NOT count towards "spinning" up mileage!