Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wild Hogs - Go see it!

I went tonight to see the movie "Wild Hogs" with a buddy. It was a great movie, we found ourselves laughing out loud at some of the antics these guys did.

The movie itself is about four middle-aged guys caught in ruts and using a road trip as a way to work things out, get away from it all and recapture their youth. Along the way they manage to ride through some great scenery, piss off a biker gang, get their asses kicked while standing up to them and help save a town, shy guy meets cute girl, friends bare their souls to each other and begin to get a grip on what really is important to them. Throw in burning tents, poop in a bag, monster bug hits while riding and you've got yourself an amusing way to kill a couple of hours.

Sounds a bit predictable but the movie is quite funny, specially to those of us who ride motorcycles. It pokes fun at the Harley-Davidson stereotypes commonly held out in the world so if you ride a hog, be prepared to laugh at yourself a little.

From a safe riding point of view, these guys pretty much threw away the rules at various points in the film but that's hollywood, where you can get away with doing stupid things on a motorcycle.

One guy kept falling off/crashing his sportster so often its a wonder the dang thing was ridable by the end of the movie.

They sure looked like they had fun though.

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