Wednesday, March 28, 2007

RoadsideAmerica Website

Found this site today while surfing and thought it worth posting on the blog. I plan to use it for future trip planning and thought you the reader might find it worthwhile in terms of planning trips. is a caramel-coated-nutbag-full of odd and hilarious travel destinations -- over 7,000 places -- ready for exploration.

Since our first book, Roadside America, introduced readers to the world of offbeat tourist attractions, we (authors and road trip know-it-alls Doug Kirby, Ken Smith, Mike Wilkins) haven't slowed down. In fact, we're speeding up! Or maybe it's just a bad optical illusion...

For reasons that grow hazier with time, we produced a thicker, more depraved sequel, New Roadside America. The books chronicled tourist attractions throughout the continental United States -- from the World's Largest Twine Ball to an obscure monument to a patriotic pig.

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