Thursday, March 01, 2007

A short ride with blowing snow at times

Temps in the low to mid 20s, sunny.

We woke to about two inches of snow on the ground with an underlying layer of icy buildup. Not nice, worked from home today and got some snow-throwing/shoveling time in between projects/meetings.

The sun came out as I worked and again did a beautiful job of melting the snow away, by 2pm the culdesac was mostly dry and I had clear paths out of the neighborhood.

I did not get off "work" till 4pm though so it was around 1615hrs that I headed out for a short ride to take a look around. As I cruised out the neighborhood, found my way barred by blowing snow which had caused a light snow covering along my chosen exit road. Turned around and exited the neighborhood by an alternate way, making my way to Himalaya Rd. I crossed this road heading West till I meandered my way through this other neighborhood and got to Smoky Hill Road which I headed SE on.

Once on this road I decided to recon my way to Parker Road for tomorrow's commute ride. The road was pretty good actually, but blowing snow again caused a long patch of "iffyness" as I neared Parker Road. I'll have to remember to wait till I see ice melting in the sun before I head in tomorrow! The patch I traversed was not bad but it did look rather wet and iffy, I slowed way down, pulled in the clutch and activated my four-way flashers by holding down both my turn signal buttons to alert the cager behind me that I was slowing down. Kept it nice and straight and steady and had no issues. Probably would not have had any issue keeping previous speeds but no sense taking chances!

It was pretty windy out during the ride which of course contributed to the incidences of snow blowing across the roads. Hopefully, whatever snow is going to get blown around, ends up in some fixed position overnight and not on the roads!

My hands got cold even though I had the heated grips on High. Stopped once I got to Parker Rd and I put the handgrip covers on the handlebar, my light summer gloves on and all was nice and toasty as I headed home.

The auxiliary brake lights I installed Wednesday appear to work fine, the cagers seem to stop further back than usual from me at stoplights. We'll continue to see tomorrow.

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