Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mirror Farkle for Maria and a K&N Air Filter

Beautiful Riding day again today. I don't think it got above 58 degrees but it was still great for riding to/from work and a bit after work as well.

Got Maria a couple of things today. First was a K&N Air Filter to replace the rather dirty one left in the air filter housing by the dealer AFTER the motorcycle was given her annual AND a 6K service at one time! I found several dessicated, dead insects in the housing as well. Kinda makes me wonder really what else was skipped during these services since I know for sure inspecting the dang air filter is one of the checks! I must contact the dealer. I only wish I had checked the air filter right after I got her serviced. But since the service was in NOV of 2006, the presence of bugs to be sucked into the air filter housing was ZERO here in Colorado between then and when I checked the air filter this past weekend!

The GS mirrors I got from another rider though the IBMWR Mailing List were also waiting for me at home and mounted up to the clutch and brake reservoir housings just fine and with very little fuss. Now, I hope to have better view of the lanes to each side of me when riding, the stock mirrors sometimes were "lacking" in terms of field of view and coverage. Not to mention, when I used the handgrip covers on cold days, I could not see much else but the handgrip covers in the stock mirrors! I was inspired to get the GS mirrors by the RT motorcycle shown in the March 2007 edition of BMW Owners News Magazine that I get as part of being a member of BMWMOA.

This was the motorcycle in the "How not to ride the Haul Road" which caused quite a stir in the BMW Rider community forums.

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