Friday, March 30, 2007

Commuting in the cold

Maria, all by her lonesome at my job's parking lot

Temps according to my motorcycle's thermometer: low 30s. Temps according to Accuweather website: 19 degrees, according to the CDOT weather stations nearest work: avg of 25 degrees. Sunny, with basically dry roads, ice/snow still remaining on lawns and houses.

No wonder my fingertips felt cold throughout the 30 minute ride into work, it was 19 degrees in the area. My new thermometer is either placed wrong(same spot as old one) or the sun was hitting the rear rack frame onto which it's mounted! I mean, almost a 15 degree difference in temperature readings?

I kept thinking through the ride that I should have put the ATV grip covers on and worn the lighter gloves since my heavy duty ones weren't keeping my finger tips warm in spite of the heated grips being on full blast. But I kept looking at the thermometer and it said low 30s so I chalked it up to wind.

Still, nice ride in, roads were fine, just had to avoid the wet spots and ride in the wheel tracks of cars ahead of me. No ice/snow on the roads themselves, and with the sun we're expecting today, the roads should be just fine this afternoon when we're supposed to hit our high of 49 degrees.

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