Sunday, March 11, 2007

Went to Cheyenne, WY for lunch

A beautifully sunny day today, temps ranged from 41 to 60 during my ride! Gorgeous riding day and it showed in the number of fellow riders I saw on the roads.

I left at 0930 and took the superslabs to the initial destination of Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins. About halfway there I decided, what the heck, Cheyenne and the Wyoming border is not that much further away so decided to go all the way there and have lunch. I missed the opportunity to stop at the Wyoming border to take the requisite picture marking the spot, will have to catch it next time. Not used to crossing state borders that often!

Cheyenne was pretty quiet when I got there, not many people walking around or cars driving around. I wandered around a bit on the motorcycle and found the State Capitol building. Pretty impressive structure for this state.

Wyoming State Capitol Building
Replica of Liberty Bell
Wyoming Cowboy

I then went wandering a bit more and found this interesting looking pub to have lunch in. The interior decor was quite "varied". It was like a tornado had swept up all the various "theme" restaurants, planet hollywood and the like and crammed all the knick-knacks found on those varied places onto the walls in this place!

I saw collections of roadsigns, beer bottles, gas station signs, license plates, cereal boxes, car hoods and tailgates, beer signs and kegs, old toys, posters, pennants, old time photos, hubcaps and who knows what include an oil print of a musketeer in full regalia! Topping it all off were numerous TVs showing basketball games and Nicktoons.

Amidst all this sensory input, I had a burger with bacon and a fried egg and fries along with a pepsi. Good lunch and good service, Sanfords is very much recommended as a interesting stop if you're going through Cheyenne. The place appeared to be popular with local families just out of Church.

After lunch I headed down I-25 to Fort Collins and my original destination, the Horsetooth Reservoir. This time I looked for and spotted the sign welcoming one to Colorado. Though I did not take a pic of it due to distance, you could also see the old wooden sign in the field next to the superslab marking the state border.

The exit to Horsetooth Reservoir was easy to find and I rode on Harmony Road for a bit until I got to the reservoir. It's got a road that goes most of the way around the east, north and south sides of the reservoir. There were still ice packs on the water so no boats, just lots of riders and cagers enjoying the many great views that one sees while riding along the water's edge.

My favorite shot of the day.

I got back on the I-25 superslab at 1500hrs and was home just before 1630, much more traffic at this time but the weather was incredibly warm! Had thoughts about stopping to shed my jacket liner but elected instead to lower the windshield a bit for more air. Cruised on home, no issues and experience only some pain in the knees for what turned out to be about 5 hrs of saddle time. The whole trip was about 304 miles which brings Maria within 50 miles of the 26k mark!

A great ride, I must explore the stuff north of Denver more!

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