Saturday, March 24, 2007

Replacing some farkle on a Rainy Day

Temps from mid-30s to 40 degrees. Rainy.

Woke up to a light rain which I'd seen start last night as I went to bed. Decided not to go on the Coloradobeemer's Annual Eastern Peaks of Colorado Ride. I'd covered most of the plains area East of the Denver Metro area before and I've also ridden in the rain and cold. Not much fun to be had.

Stayed at home and tweaked the blog, like the results? I upgraded to their new blog templates and find it a lot easier to work with the blog. I added the weather "sticker" you see in the sidebar and have also started tracking the states I ride to with my motorcycle.

Just in time for a rainy day, the farkle I ordered from California Sport Touring got delivered by the postman in the afternoon. It's a voltage meter/stopwatch/clock/thermometer(in/out) and black ice alarm gadget which I used to replace the thermometer I'd attached early on to Maria along with a voltage meter I scavenged from elsewhere. I believe it's a cleaner look for the dashboard. Ended up wiring it so it only comes on when the ignition is switched on, no interest in keeping power flowing to keep the clock running (already have one that came with the motorcycle) and did not see need to maintain power to keep track of min/max temps.

I also got a Universal fit version of the FogCity Anti-Fog visor insert. Got the clear version and it went on with very little fuss, though I did not get it exactly centered dang it. The end result however is pretty good. I could not see out the sides before anyways, so the fogshield being slightly off-center is not a safety factor. Can't wait to test it out.

Here's a review of the FogCity Visor Insert and a competitor on WebBikeWorld. I did not get the photochromic versions.

Not me, this pic from a vendor's site.

26March2007 - Update on the FogCity Anti-Fog Visor Insert:
Rode to work today with the anti-fog visor in place, temps were in the mid-40s and the thing worked beautifully. More testing to be done of course in lower temps if possible but so far so good. I did not have to raise or crack open the visor while stopped as I used to have to do. $15 well spent I think.

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