Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Third time's a charm? I hope so.

I got a small deflector type windshield last week from Ebay, a Slipstream Spitfire which mounts on my motorcycle's handlebars.

Got it to cut down the wind hitting my chest and making me hang on tightly to the grips while at highway speeds. Makes you tired after a while and cuts down on the enjoyment of the ride. Tonight was my third positional adjustment of the thing, I would ride a couple of days with it in one position to try it out and tonight I experienced the least turbulence so far while at highway speeds.

In the first attempt, the turbulence was so bad it was causing bluriness when reading the signs on the highway and moving my helmeted head about, not good.

The second attempt, same day improved things a bit but felt it was a bit noisier and still had some minor turbulence though not enough to blur things in my vision.

Tonight, it felt pretty good at highway speeds, very very minor buffeting of the top of my helmet where I could feel the wind hitting it. No problems reading signs and no having to hang on for dear life when above 65mph. Yeah, I know, it's rare I'll be at those speeds anyways. But when one is on the expressways, one has to flow with the traffic or be a hazard.

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