Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rush hour on the Dam Road = no fun.

Today I had to work later than usual and hit the Cherry Creek Dam Road after 5PM and during full rush hour. It's a long dam with a road on top that one must use to get past the water reservoir that stands between where I work and where I live. Traffic was crawling along and I did not get out of walking speed until 3/4 of the way atop the dam. What a pain it was.

I got to practice my slow speed riding during this time but even going as slowly as possible, still kept catching up to the car in front of me and having to put the feet down momentarily.

All the while, the skies above kept getting darker and angry clouds continued to build and move closer to me.

The weather also played havoc with FM radio reception so I didn't even have quality sound/tunes as I crawled along with everyone else!

Whatever caused the slow logjam on Dam road cleared finally and I scooted off it and onto the rest of my commute with no further issues. I even managed to make it to the house about 10 minutes before a huge rain hit the house!

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