Tuesday, August 29, 2006

For future farkle: A Fuse Block for Gretl

So after talking to this guy at work, decided to invest on a good fuse block to use for hooking up electronic accessories on the motorcycle. It's from Painless Electronics and I gotta tell ya, it's truly painless. While not incompetent in such matters, I am no wiz at hooking up electronic gear and this farkle was very easy to install and get running.

Took me longer to figure out where I would mount the unit than it did to figure out how to hook it up and connected. Every wire is labeled to prevent error and now the only thing hooked directly to the battery now is the fuse block. Each circuit (3 always hot, 4 ignition hot) are protected by 20 amp fuses and the whole thing is protected by a 30amp relay. Its all weather-resistant, where the wires go into the fuse block its sealed, there's a cover over the fuses...I am sure my riding in rain will not affect this puppy.

I recommend this unit to anyone needing extra power circuits in their motorcycle or car for accessories!

I bought it from summitracing.com, click here for a link to the item. I am in no way connected to these guys except as a very satisfied customer. Here's their description of the item:

The safe way to add electrical accessories is with Painless Performance Cirkit Boss kits, the first circuit isolators that provide both constant and ignition hot circuits. Instead of tapping into an existing wire or spare circuit at the fuse block, Cirkit Boss kits are add-on, relay-activated fuse blocks, activated by a small wire from any ignition source. Cirkit Boss kits protect bulbs, accessories, and computers from the harmful spikes that may occur in a poorly connected power supply. All Cirkit Boss units are made using TXL cross link polyurethane wire rated to 275 degrees F at 600V, and they include a 30 amp inline circuit breaker, a relay, mounting hardware, and an assortment of terminals. Circuits are individually fused for up to 20 amp applications and use a heavy duty 30 amp relay. All wires are machine-terminated for reliability.

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