Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rainy start, sunny ending....colorado riding

They've a saying here in Colorado, if you don't like the weather, wait a few and it'll change. That's sometimes quite true specially in any season but summer. Summer, it's just hot and sunny most of the time. Today though, I got rained on quite heavily about 5 mins into ride to rendezvous with Sanoke. Luckily I had started of with all my rain gear on and my "herman the german" army boots. Stayed quite dry and comfortable.

I had my summer gloves on at the start and my hands started getting cold fast. There's no such thing as warm rain here in CO so that was no surprise. Got to the rendezvous point, put on some latex gloves and my Olympia leather gloves and my hands were nice and warm again as the rain tapered off.

Once I met up with Sanoke, the rain had pretty much ended and we started riding the county roads towards Kiowa, ended up taking a coffee break in the small city of Elizabeth and then Sanoke showed me a back way into the Denver Tech Center which was quite nice. Not to mention also the backway to Parker Rd and Lincoln Avenue which dumped me in the middle of Parker. Nice.

It was a short ride today as we both had commitments this afternoon. I tested the Vista Cruise control on Gretl and it worked perfectly, the highway pegs once again allowed me to stretch out my legs on the long straightaways, and my riding gear kept me dry and warm. Good tests all around. Sanoke gave me some tips on installing the heated grips I intend to buy soon, made it sound pretty simple overall.

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