Sunday, August 13, 2006

Into the high country with Sanoke

Went riding again this weekend with same riding buddy from the forum, this time we went into the high country west and south of Denver. Roughly 5-6hrs of saddle time, well worth the sore knees and getting wet from the sporadic showers. We covered a little over 220 miles of beautiful colorado scenery:

Cathedral Rock(Cathedral Spires), not too far from Littleton, CO.

Another view of Cathedral Rock(Cathedral Spires)

Here's the epicenter of the town of Turkey Creek A "Mercantile" store, it was like stepping back a few decades. Felt like I was walking into one of those museum displays of old Americana, but it was a working store, post office and a small taste of the past. (Sanoke's photo)

A cool little bar called the Buck Snort Bar, in Sphinx Park.....hidden away among the rock and pines. It was closed when we got there so we kept riding. (Sanoke's photo)

Here's a view from Kenosha Pass looking down into the valley where the towns of Jefferson and Fairplay are located:

The continental divide as seen from a dirt road west of Jefferson, CO: (Sanoke's photo)

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