Friday, August 25, 2006

Another farkle for Gretl - Vista Cruise Control

Got it in the mail today and installed it when I got home. It's an inexpensive (ok, cheap) mechanical clamping device you attach to the throttle grip on the motorcycle, when engaged it's supposed to hold the present position of the throttle allowing one to take your right hand of the throttle grip and relax it a bit on the longer rides.

I must say my right hand has cramped quite a bit a times on the longer rides and I've looked for ways to get a few seconds off the throttle to shake out my right hand and restore some blood flow. This farkle should allow me to do that and still allow me to maintain speed and not have to hope for a stoplight or make a stop.

I get to try it out tomorrow as I get to go our riding with Sanoke to try out my engine guard mounted highway pegs on some long highway stretches in the general direction of Limon. Having the Vista Cruise Control is a bonus. Took me a bit to figure out how it installed, most of that time was spent trimming the rubber filling piece so that it'd fit with my grip.

Note for those of you thinking of buying one and installing it using the pic above as a guide: It's wrong! The black ring with the small allen-headed screws goes to the right of the silver band with the locking lever attached! I think they just put it on some motorcycle for the pic on the merchant's website.

And yes, I did have to move my brake fluid reservoir over a bit for the clamp to fit. No big deal, just something to keep in mind.

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