Sunday, August 13, 2006

A ride with Sanoke

Today I went on a four hour ride with a rider named John, who is userid Sanoke on He's been riding on and off since 1965 and rides a 1100 Shadow. He showed me some of the county roads SE of Denver, the town of Elbert, Palmer Lake, Kiowa, Perry Park and byways and backways I'd never seen before. It was a great way to spend Saturday morning, on a motorcycle, just cruising.

Here's a pic John took of the motorcycles while parked in front of a rock formation he calls "Camel Rock" which I thought was quite fitting. Next time I must remember to bring my own camera.

My motorcycle did the trip fine, the seat modification I'd done recently was proven to be a good one and now I just need to add some flip-out highway pegs to Gretl and I think I'll be good to go for the longer rides when my legs need to stretch out. We covered around 150 miles or so before we parted ways and headed to our own homes. I look forward to riding with John again, it was a good time.

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