Friday, November 24, 2023

A Museum, A Drive and Thanksgiving in Fountain Hills, AZ

Wednesday, November 22

We drove the Honda CR-V to the Superstitions Mountain Museum located of course near the Superstitions Mountains.

The main emphasis of the museum seemed to be the tale of the Lost Dutchman's Mine.  Note: The Dutchman himself, wasn't lost nor was he Dutch.  He was in fact German!

Martha called it a nicely curated museum, mostly about the legend of the Lost Dutchman's mine and of the many people who searched for it after his death.

The rest of the museum's offerings are outdoors, a lot of old and sometimes massive mining equipment from the area's heyday of mining for gold and such.

There's a kid's area where you can take pictures with assorted displays:

Both the Elvis Chapel and the barn that used to be located in "Apacheland" are onsite.  Both structures were part of a large movie set from the 60s-70s during the heyday of "westerns".  Lots of movies shot there before most of it burned down and the owners decided not to rebuild.

At the Elvis Chapel, the "King" was ready for pictures:

Why "Elvis Chapel"?  The chapel appeared in a movie that featured Elvis.  The only movie where he appears and doesn't sing.  Also the only movie where he sports a beard apparently.

It was closed when we were there but apparently
you can check out an outside model railroad complex.

The Superstitions Mountains from the museum's amphitheater

"Stampede" sculpture

We also drove part of the Apache Trail, going from the museum to Tortilla Flats.

Canyon Lake

Thursday, November 23

Martha went by herself to check out the Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day Parade, a small hometown affair.  I wasn't feeling it so I stayed indoors.  She also checked out the town's "World Famous Fountain".  I will say it's a pretty large fountain of water, just not sure about the world famous bit.

In the afternoon, we went with Martha's cousin Angela, her partner Vince, Auntie Carol and her friend Loretta to the Fire Rock Country Club for Thanksgiving Dinner.  We would be joined there by Angela's friend Kendra and John, along with their two kids: Roman and Lydia.

There was a large buffet spread and wine for everyone except the kids of course, they were happy with their Shirley Temples.  We all ate too much of course.

A nightcap was enjoyed at Angela's home:

Vince preps dinner for the cats

Friday, November 24

We loaded up the VRRV and left shortly after 8AM, we crossed into New Mexico shortly after Noon and by 4PM were setting up at the Enchanted Trails RV Campground located west of Albuquerque, NM.  Not too bad of a drive, long but we are heading home.

The campground has some vintage RV trailers and cars on display:

Tonight's sunset

We're going to probably rest here tomorrow, and then head towards Raton Pass, NM on Sunday.  More to follow.


RichardM said...

I like the vintage car in the next to the last photo. We stopped at Goldfield, a very touristy location but didn’t venture much further. This was several years ago when we stayed in Apache Junction for a couple of weeks. I think we visited with you and Martha’s dad.

redlegsrides said...

It is a pretty cool looking car, RichardM.

SonjaM said...

Nice attire of you two in pic 0328. I believe I have never seen you in a suit jacket before.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM, yeah a suit coat isn't my "go to" attire.

CCjon said...

Had to enlarge that photo of Martha and Angela to see why they were stroking a lion.. or a rug...
Much relief to see it's a cat.

Looks like you had a great time there.

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, Angela seems to like that specific type of feline. Though there were other types as well.