Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Westward, Ho! Day 7: Riding with Scooter in the Sticks

Great day of riding today!  Not in terms of miles covered, or scenery seen or even destinations visited!  No, it was great in terms of riding companionship!

For I was able to meet up with Steve, of Scooter in the Sticks fame, and he and I rode for hours and miles along nicely winding, tree-lined, back country roads with not much traffic.  

After initially meeting at a coffee shop in the PA town of Huntingdon, we set off towards the west side of town, past the prisons and arrived at some cool looking rock formations called Pulpit Rock:

Pulpit Rock
photo courtesy of Steve W.

Steve taking a picture of me as I photograph him by Pulpit Rock 

We did some minor exploring of the rock formation behind pulpit rock, but not much, for the road called.

photo courtesy of Steve W.

Miles and miles of nice and easy riding later, we stopped at Couch's Sandwich Shop for some Hoagies and chips.  We then took our lunch to a nearby state park and found ourselves a vacant picnic shelter to consume our lunch:

After lunch, Steve guided me through valleys and small mountain/ridge passes.  We cruised through the Big Valley which is predominantly Amish; cruising by their distinctive horse buggies being pulled strongly by graceful horses.  Those horses were working pretty hard too.....

At the top of the last ridge, we stopped to take a look at the Big Valley:

The Big Valley

Steve remarked this was the busiest he'd seen this spot, with the
paving operations clogging up the place.

We continued on our riding, eventually returning to the vicinity of Huntingdon.  We found the way to the Ridenour Overlook and parked our bikes for a look see of the Raystown Dam.

photo courtesy of Steve W.

Here's the view from the main overlook:

Raystown Dam

300 yards away, was another look, showing part of the big lake that stretches to the south:

photo courtesy of Steve W.

Zoom photo of skier below us

After a brief period of chatting in the shadow of a tree by the parking lot, we geared up and headed back into Huntingdon.  I got gas and then Steve and I said our goodbyes.  He had an hours worth of riding to still do to get back to State College and home.  I had less than that and got back to the campsite with no issues and started packing things up for the drive tomorrow.

Long ride tomorrow, trying to get back towards the half of the country where there is BLM land for boondocking!  I'll be using the I-70 route and trying for the military campground within the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, OH.


Steve Williams said...

It was a wonderful day of riding and conversation. It's not often I have the opportunity to spend time with a kindred riding spirit -- someone who would rather be alone on the road, is happy to meander along with no destination in mind, and who understands the draw of solo riding. Sort of funny we get along so well considering how our preferred choice is to be alone.

Have a fine trip to Dayton and beyond Dom!

redlegsrides said...

I had a great time Steve! And yes the fact that I prefer to ride alone and yet enjoy riding with you seemed a bit of a conflict but it's all good!

When I started riding I met a solo rider who sent me on the straight path of lone exploration...I was very fortunate.

Things and situations seem very crowded to me these days and riding alone is a healing balm for my soul at such times.

Steve Williams said...

Thinking of solo travel as a healing balm, don't forget to check out Colin Fletcher's "The Man Who Walked Through Time" and Edward Abbey's "Desert Solitaire." Both are bibles on being alone in the wilderness.

redlegsrides said...

I've got the Abbey book on hold already...working on the Fletcher book once home with more library sources available.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Fun day with great company!

redlegsrides said...

Indeed Coop, indeed....

CCjon said...

That was great that you two finally met face to face after all these years following each others scribblings.

redlegsrides said...

Actually, CCJon, I think this is the third time we've met and ridden together. I've been out this way once before with Scarlett and Steve flew out to Denver on business once.