Thursday, March 25, 2021

Windy and Overcast near the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument

 A rather windy and heavily overcast day today, not great light for pictures except for a brief period while I was checking out possible sites for further explorations in better weather.

Before all of today's driving though, I walked about the camping area after the two car campers had departed.  I wanted to get a good angle on the Colorado River as it ran through Marble Canyon:

Those are the Badger Creek Rapids above

A view of the campsite in relation to Marble Canyon
through which the Colorado River runs...

A different view of the Colorado River from a spot 
across from my campsite

The Vermillion Cliffs under overcast skies....a bit dull but
still eye-catching

I drove Mariko the two miles back towards the paved surfaced of US 89A and a few miles north was turning into the Lees Ferry portion of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  My "America the Beautiful" allowed me access to this US Fee area; and I explored it:

Paria Beach within Lees Ferry area

I drove by the boat launch area but lighting and lots of folks milling about their boats and kayaks precluded any worthwhile pictures.  The area does have a few scenic rock formations that I'll have to return to take pictures of, once sunshine returns to this area Saturday.

Next I tried to access a couple of roads on the east side of the Colorado River but both proved to be either locked gates or marked as No Trespassing!  Oh well.

Here's a couple of shots, back on US 89A, headed towards the Historic Apache Bridge.  Another site I need to check out in better picture weather.

The rest of the day was spent feeling the wind rock the URRV occasionally, staying out of the wind and watching campers set up campsites nearby but not too near.  Tomorrow is supposed to be same kind of weather as today, so some patience is in order; things are supposed to be warmer on Saturday.


RichardM said...

Really nice photos of the canyon!

redlegsrides said...

Thank you very much RichardM, both were the comment and your help yesterday.

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For, not were