Saturday, March 06, 2021

Hiking to the base of the Sheepshead.

 Another nicely warm day with clear skies here in southeast Arizona.

The main event today was a hike to the base of the Sheepshead, the largest rock formation visible to me from the campsite; here's a pic from a couple of posts ago, its the highest bit:

Why they call it a Sheepshead I have no idea, perhaps the other side looks like a sheepshead?

Anyways, I rode Yagi the mile or so to the trailhead parking area.  After leaving one's vehicle, its at least another mile of easy trail walking until things get a bit harder.

You see that row of trees/greenery at the base of the Sheepshead?
That's where one ends up.

The last bit, is quite steep and lots of hunting for the trail among the rocks.  I lost the trail several times and ended up doing more clambering than just hiking.  The small pea-sized and smaller bit of gravel didn't help things either, making things slippery at times.

Still, finally made it, huffing and puffing, to the base of the Sheepshead.  As I sat in the shade of the trees at the base, I stared up at these rock climbers as I caught my breath and cooled off somewhat.

Can you spot the climbers?

Eventually, I caught my breath and stopped sweating.  It was time to head down, and I managed to lose the trail only a few times, though I slipped more on the small gravel sections.  No falls thankfully.

A view from near the base of the Sheepshead

Views of the Sheepshead after I safely got down from the steep portions and back on the easy portion of the trail:

My legs felt a bit rubbery, the hike proved a bit harder than I'd expected, mostly due to the steep portions with lots of rocks and gravel to make life interesting.  Losing the trail and clambering unknowingly over boulders probably didn't help!  I actually felt this climb to just the base of Sheepshead was harder than the hike/climb up Picacho Peak last year.  

Got back to Yagi with no issues, and rode back to the campsite a mile or so away.  A quick shower later, I was feeling much better and drinking a well earned beer even though it was barely 4 PM!


SonjaM said...

Quite the avid hiker, Dom! Long steep sections downwards are sometimes painful for me, hence I have started using trekking poles. Works for me.

redlegsrides said...

Funny you should mention that SonjaM, I found myself trying to use my tripod in such a manner as hiking poles and it wasn't really working out, ironically I have a setup hiking poles in the RV!