Sunday, March 14, 2021

Last day, this trip, at the BANWR....

 Well, I think I've seen what I wanted to see of the area this time around.

Drove into the small town of Arivaca to get some groceries and gasoline for Mariko.  I checked out Arivaca Lake (meh) but did take a picture of Baboquivari on the way back to Arivaca from the lake:

East of Arivaca, there's the Guijas Cerro Road which takes you past the Rancho Seco property, and once through the gate, you are once again on NWR property.

Reason I drove this road was to get a close up view of the unnamed hills visible from the campsite:

Back at camp, groceries put away and lunch prepared, I rested for a bit then went out around 2PM to scout out some more possible campsites for future trips.

Found two more NWR sites, #6 and #8, though #8 is probably not good for the URRV due to rough conditions on the access trail.  #6 is actually on the west side of US286 on the road to Brown Canyon.

Also found two sites on Arizona State Trust Land, one was kind of close to the highway but the second one seemed nice.  You do need to purchase a permit from Arizona Fish and Game Department to stay in such lands, but it's cheap.

Spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, packing up stuff and prepping to leave tomorrow morning for the camping areas south of Gila Bend, AZ.  Warmer weather is finally making it back into the southern AZ area, while Colorado is enduring a big blizzard.  The family is doing fine through it as they were prepared.


Oz said...

I bet you are glad you aren't in Denver. I rather be in warmer weather than that blizzard.

redlegsrides said...

Part of me feels I should be there as, but Martha reports success with the snow blower and shoveling, lots of shoveling!