Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Rock Formations of Lees Ferry and Sunset Colors on Lake Powell, AZ

 Here's yesterday's night sunset's light on a nearby peak, as seen from the VRRV:

The Vermillion Cliffs in the same sunset's lighting:

Sunday, March 28

I rode Yagi, my Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport over to nearby Lees Ferry, this time to capture the rock formations contained within this area.  This area is also part of the Glen Canyon Recreation Area.  The focus this time was on the rock formations as they were lit by the early to mid-morning sunshine.

Upon returning to the campsite, I broke camp, loaded up Yagi onto the VRRV's front rack and off we drove from Vermillion Cliffs to US89 and north towards Page, AZ.  It's at Page where the Sunwest Marine, RV and Auto Repair.  They seemed quite experienced and were available to hopefully diagnose the electrical issues on Mariko on Monday this week.

After I dropped off Mariko, with the owner's help, who happened to be there helping out another person on a boat's engine.  I think he was there for other than work reasons but he was still helping out the boat guy and me!

Anyway, I headed across town and past the Glen Canyon Dam to the Beehive Campground belonging to the National Park Service.  It's located near the Wahweap Marina where I've stayed before with Martha, in fact you can see the marina in the background of the below picture:

Looking towards Glen Canyon Dam

Shortly after 6PM, I headed with Yagi over to the Wahweap Overlook area to catch the sunset colors on the rock formations bordering Lake Powell and beyond.

Most of the above formations are visible from the campsite, so I'll try to see if there's further need to go to the overlook for future sunset shots!


Oz said...

Good to hear you have an experienced guy to find and fix the problem.

The colors of the canyons and formations are so spectacular. I really want to visit more in Arizona. I have only really seen Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

RichardM said...

Nice sunset colors on the rocks!

redlegsrides said...

Hopefully, Oz, The guy has no issues finding the problem and fixing it... We'll see. Arizona's rock formations are pretty good but I like the ones in Utah much better.

redlegsrides said...

Yes they were RichardM, thanks

CCjon said...

Hopefully the mechanic finds a quick easy fix for Sammy. Electrical issues can be frustrating to find yet a simple to remedy. It's the time to find the fault that runs up the bill.

Got some great photos with great color today.

redlegsrides said...

Hope you're right CCjon...thanks for the comment re the pics...