Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wyoming Boondocking - Day 20: Sheep Bay, Red Rock Canyon and Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Loop

 Tuesday, Sep 15

A pretty good day for riding and pictures of colorful rock formations, ending on a sour  note.

After doing the usual "police call" around the campsite and nearby areas....I headed out on Fiona towards the small town of Manila both to get groceries and information about Flaming Gorge's famed rock formations.

Shortly after crossing the state border into Utah, I got the info I needed from the USFS office located in Manila, at the junction of UT 43 and UT 44.  It's US44 that one takes to get to the scenic stuff.

Things rapidly got scenic once I left town:

Love those reds...

As I neared Sheep Bay:

One starts climbing after going past Sheep Bay enroute to Red Canyon on US44, here's the view from a higher location:

Red Canyon proved to be nice, all the USFS campgrounds nearby are closed for the season.  I think they're only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Not many folks there, which made it a nice stop.

Returning back to US 44 I started headed back to Manila looking for the sign I missed for the Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Loop.  Found the southern entrance and was soon seeing very nice and colorful rock formations.

This was my favorite rock formation, the patterns and swirls...
it must have been quite the sight when it first formed

Further on, one enters Sheep Creek Canyon's narrow confines:

Tower Rock

As you near the end of the loop, you go past Sheep Creek Ranch and then near the junction back with US 44 you go past the Apache Cliffs picnic area.  Here's the rock formation at the beginning of the loop:

I rode on back to the town of Manila, gassed Fiona up and then went to the combination grocery/hardware/hunting/fishing store next door for supplies.  I rode on home under sunny skies and cool winds which ameliorated the heat from the sun.

The sour note I mentioned earlier?  I got back to the campsite to find "that guy" who'd set up his fifth wheel less than 100 feet from my rig.  What a putz.  Don't be "that guy".

As I unloaded the groceries, he tried to engage me in conversation, I just glared at him, ignored him and kept going into my URRV, perhaps he'll eventually learn about not encroaching on people in a dispersed camping situation; in the meantime I don't plan on being the welcome committee. 

He is most likely just afraid to camp by himself.  


SonjaM said...

Come on, Dom stop it already. These scenery is all photo-shopped, it's all fake. Too amazing to be real.

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, I know you’re just kidding...when you and Roland are back in the US West, I’ll gladly show you in person. :)

CCjon said...

Sheep Creek Canyon is now a must see. Nice loop you made.

Too bad about "that guy" You would think they would understand that one goes far out of the way to get away from others. Out of hundreds of vacant campsites to pick from, he parks on top of you.

Tell him there reason you are out there far from others is you are trying not to contaminate others with the virus you have. Called leave me alone fever.

redlegsrides said...

Good idea re the a-hole CCjon though he was all setup by the time I returned and I was too angry to speak. Oh well, I’m rid of him now....I can only hope he some day gets a clue re boondocking etiquette.

Oz said...

That looks like a beautiful place. I am sorry you had to move to a new spot because someone was a afraid to be alone.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Oz, either afraid or just a plain Scheisse Kopf!

Steve Williams said...

I think you should be grateful for the appearance of the encroacher Dom. He's afforded you an opportunity to practice your German which has no doubt gotten rusty.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for your comment Steve Williams, you do have a point! Surely though, I could come up with less anger-inducing ways to practice my German than experiencing this arschloch's presence. :)

Steve Williams said...

Es mag bessere Wege gegeben haben, aber es ist zweifelhaft, ob Sie sie aufgegriffen h├Ątten.


redlegsrides said...

The other actions I considered would have probably caused legal issues Steve Williams....